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JWeis Marketing Collaborates with SharkTank Product at Coachella 2019

JWeis Marketing specializes in video production services with Shark Tank product, CoolBox, later endorsed by Kevin Harrington. In addition to video marketing, JWies has also created commercials to launch the CoolBox at Coachella 2019.

Beach parties, backyard bbq’s, booze cruises, and tailgates alike call for the need to keep food and drinks cold while having a badass entertainment setup. You also need something heavy-duty enough to withstand the natural wear and tear of transportation.

Enter the CoolBox – Engineered for Fun. Built for Anything.

The CoolBox originally appeared on Shark Tank Season 7, and since the show, the CoolBox creators have refined the design of the cooler. Now, it’s on it’s way to becoming a household name!

Unlike YETI’s or RTIC’s, the CoolBox is a high-tech, all-in-one entertainment center

Unlike YETI’s or RTIC’s, the CoolBox is a high-tech, all-in-one entertainment center that’s durable enough for just about anything. With inner dimensions 18” L x 6.9” D x 8.75” H, you can fit 22 – 12 oz. cans with a 2 to 1 ice-to-can ratio. Coming in blue, olive green or white, the CoolBox has some ingenious tech features to kick your party to the next level. It contains a smartphone or tablet holder, marine-grade speakers, bottle opener, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, water-resistant compartment, LED clock, two USB ports and an AUX port, and a lithium polymer battery that can last up to 4 hours.

Sounds neat, huh? The CoolBox doesn’t skimp on durability either. The outside of the cooler engineered from polypropylene, and the inner walls are injected with commercial grade polyurethane for maximum insulation from the elements. The CoolBox is equipped with industrial grade rubber wheels for ease of travel and stainless steel latches.

Check ‘em out at Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, and other retailers.


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